Strategy action game: The Oasis

Team size: 4 people

Theme: Exhaustion


Role: Programmer and level designer

For: ARTG/CMPM 120

Development time: 4 Weeks

Date: 2018 Spring Quarter

Type: Strategy action game


Description: This is a strategy action game which player need to protect the oasis by preventing enemies from getting to it in the desert. As soon as the game starts, the oasis will starts to drain. So the player have to refill the water to keep it alive. Player can also eat the enemies to prevent human beings from getting into the homeland.

Endless runner: Hat in Time

Role: Self developed

For: ARTG/CMPM 120

Development time: 2 Weeks

Date: 2018 Spring Quarter

Type: Endless Runner game


Description: Player plays as a snowman and aims to get pass all the obstacles. When the snowman meets white obstacles (snow), it can passes by itself. If there are black obstacles (rock), the snowman needs to hide in its hat in order to pass it.

Platformer: SoundBomb

Team Size: 3 People

Role: Programmer and Level Designer

For: CMPM 151

Development time: 3 Weeks

Date: 2019 Spring Quarter

Type: Platformer

Download & Play: 

Description: The game is made in Unity and the BGM/SFX are made in Pure Data. Instead of using a controller or keyboard to play the game, player needs to actually make a sound to play. Player's sound would not only control character's movement, but also influence the BGM. 

​Board game: Goal Goal Soccer

Role: Self developed

For: ARTG 80G

Development time: 5 Weeks

Date: 2017 Fall Quarter

Type: Board game

Description: A board game designed by myself as the final project of course ARTG 80G